Why Chatbot has become a Pressing need For a Business?
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Why Chatbot has become a Pressing need For a Business?

Brands like Pizza hut, United Airlines, Patron, just to name a few, have undergone a major brand overhaul by their badass customer support and care services. How? They all have got chatbots implemented into their messengers and other social media pages.

Chatbots which are spotted as a new potion to mobile apps have taken much more prominence in the businesses by terrifically cutting labor costs and efficiently handling customers’ grievances, queries, appreciations in a much smoother and prompt way without any interruptions.

We have all faced that exhausting time when we have a pesky problem with a service or product and to zap those annoyances we ended up contacting the company. Right? Worst part started when after following the frustrating levels to affront a real human agent, we ended up with a disappointing answer. Reason being the agents weren’t trained enough to help solve your issue.

Now it’s time to move on from those vexing agents without getting your customers lambasted on petty issues!

Man, its 2017 and we have fabulous technology gears to work with.

Chatbots have started to take on real human support agents. It is convenient and quick in responding. It uses A.I (Artificial Intelligence) to find an answer that makes an amazing fit to your question.

Social networking channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter surprisingly helps brands to handle customers’ since they have the ability to implement chatbots for businesses and brands.

The nature of chatbots rolls out a bevy of features like welcome messages, quick replies, custom profiles, location sharing, and other tools that let businesses augment their customer support interactions with automation.

Like some chatbots have the ability to learn from the information that is sent. Let’s take an example. Here the customer ordered citrusy and the bot memorized it and quickly searched from the large amount of information and reverted with a best pack of citrusy cocktails they offer.

Image Source: techcrunch

Take @Simi- Your Personal Bartender’, for example, it is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that offers over 2,000 DIY cocktail recipes. The chatbot has been designed to gain intelligence through conversations. Look at the chat below…

Image Source: BGR

Predicted uses for Chatbots:

Image Source: Econsultancy

The underlying tenets of chatbots are incredibly interesting. Are you ready to add chatbot-esque features into the DNA of your Messenger?

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