The Top 10 Most Popular Telemedicine Apps

The Top 10 Most Popular Telemedicine Apps

In the healthcare industry, prevention is the pinnacle of quality care delivery. Flexibility to seek immediate care and catch anomalies early can not only improve patient outcomes but also reduce hospital readmission rates and cut healthcare costs.

Telemedicine and Telehealth app solutions can enable patients to consult doctors remotely for primary care as well as for acute or chronic care conditions and ensure the patient-doctor interaction remains uninterrupted.

In the wake of the pandemic COVID-19, telemedicine apps have seen an exponential surge in virtual care visits. From 11% of US consumers using telehealth in 2019 have massively accelerated to 46% of consumers now using telemedicine. As per McKinsey analysis, the telehealth market could surge up to $250 billion as opposed to $3 billion Pre-COVID.

These eye-opening developments in healthcare software programs have become the hotbed for healthcare organizations. With telemedicine increased accessibility to patients, even at a distance, and capabilities for preventive care, it has qualified as an exceptionally helpful standalone platform.

Telehealth apps’ simplified features supporting the Patients and Doctors App that includes online appointment booking, audio/video calling, real-time chats, medical file sharing, online payments, ratings and reviews, and more have supported the spine of the healthcare system.

The result is increased patient engagement and satisfaction with improved access to care and reduced overhead expenses.

Therefore, we have brought all the leading telemedicine apps in front that are effectively standardizing care for every patient and every doctor, in a single place.

The 10 Most Popular Telemedicine Apps

  1. Amwell
  3. Doctor On Demand
  4. LiveHealth
  5. PlushCare
  6. Lemonaid
  7. Talkspace
  8. Teladoc
  9. DocsApp
  10. mFine

1. Amwell

App Store | Google Play

Amwell is renowned for offering 24/7 doctor visits to resolve primary conditions that are mild and curable, and non-urgent conditions that can be effectively treated without rushing to Doctor’s clinic. Some of the common patient concerns addressed by Amwell are therapy, psychiatry, nutrition, lactation, and a few urgent care consultation like cold/flu, respiratory infections, etc.

Patients can simply start by choosing the type of visit and provider based on their availability, schedule appointments, and make an online payment.

2. MDLive

App Store | Google Play

MDLive is a leading 24/7 virtual care delivery platform. Uniquely positioned to offer an end-to-end care experience, MDLIVE app aims to bring more connected patient care through its application. MDLive is among the largest telehealth vendors in the U.S., and delivers services including urgent care, dermatology, therapy, and psychiatry via its network of certified clinicians.

MDLive offers fast, easy, convenient access to a doctor with 3 simple steps. Patient can register in the app, schedule an appointment from virtually anywhere on a phone, laptop, or tablet and take a prescription.

3. Doctor On Demand

App Store | Google Play

Doctor On Demand is a San-Francisco based company that provides virtual care services to patients through its telehealth app and web platform. The app employs hundreds of licensed healthcare providers with an average of over 15 years of experience to deliver urgent, primary, chronic, preventive and behavioral care.

During COVID-19, the doctor on-demand app’s usage soared to 139% for COVID-19 screenings and other urgent and chronic care issues. In response to a public health emergency, the app has covered benefits for around 33 million beneficiaries across 50 states of America.

4. LiveHealth

App Store | Google Play

Live Health is a fully-featured virtual care pioneer that brings qualified and certified doctors specialists for both video consults and virtual primary care. From appointment booking to receiving reports and making online payments through multiple payment modes like app, WhatsApp and SMS; Live Health offers an end-to-end digital patient experience.

Using the LiveHealth App patients can quickly connect with board-certified doctors, licensed therapists, lactation consultants, registered dieticians and more through their flexibility on the go!

5. PlushCare

App Store | Google Play

Hailed for Virtual Doctor Visits and Online Therapy, PlushCare is a fully realized telemedicine app platform that provides virtual doctor visits to patients in all 50 U.S. states primarily for primary care, urgent care, and mental health at anytime, anyplace.

Treating over 6,800 medical conditions, and steadily receiving over 90 promoter score, Plush Care accepts all major insurance plans. Patients can easily get diagnosed, consulted, and prescribed with medication and enjoy a stress-free experience.

6. Lemonaid

App Store | Google Play

Lemonaid is a one-stop telehealth solution for receiving personalized healthcare and medicine delivery at affordable prices. Housing over top medical professionals in all 50 U.S. states, Lemonaid provide care for concerns like mental health, women’s health, skincare, and other general health issues.

The top reasons to choose lemonaid over others are low consultation fees, fast medicine delivery from lemonaid pharmacy, and immediate video consultation with Doctor.

7. Talkspace

App Store | Google Play

Talkspace is a leading virtual behavioral healthcare telemedicine app that specializes in online therapy and counseling. Available on a subscription basis, Talkspace is an easy-to-use and fully encrypted mobile app and web platform that enables patients to send video messages, text chats, and take live video sessions. The app platform is consistent with HIPAA and other state regulatory requirements.

When the pandemic took a toll on American’s mental health, nearly one-third of adults reported anxiety or depression. Talkspace helped psychiatry patients to combat mental health conditions and select for same-day delivery to their doorsteps.

8. TelaDoc

App Store | Google Play

Teladoc is a full-featured telemedicine suite that uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to connect patients with physicians and provide expert medical opinions. Taking consultation with Teladoc is an easy feat. No matter the type of consultation a patient is seeking, just after a simple sign-up, patients can take virtual assistance with doctors via video call, real-time chats, or audio chats and have the prescription written.

9. DocsApp

App Store | Google Play

Docsapp is a simple, secure, and easy-to-use telemedicine app that collects only a few basic information about patient’s medical requirements and connects them with care providers immediately. Patients can even upload health reports and medical history. Get a second opinion on critical health concerns. Post consultation, patients can leave ratings and reviews to the doctor.

10. mFine

App Store | Google Play

Yet another telehealth app that centralizes around the full spectrum of health and well-being through its AI-powered consultancy in over 25 specializations. Alike others, mFine has partnered with licensed care providers and Doctors. Patients can make video/audio calls to the doctor after taking an online appointment. While the appointment in the app is paid, follow-up is free. ePrescriptions by Doctors can be received via the app itself.

Top Telehealth Apps Features

  • User-friendly doctor’s search
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Medical data sharing
  • Access to patients’ medical history
  • Secured video/voice calls
  • Real-time text messaging
  • Physician’s directories
  • ePrescriptions
  • Online Billing
  • Ranking system for healthcare specialists

The Bottom Line

With unprecedented adoption levels of telemedicine accelerated by COVID-19, Virtual healthcare delivery has reached its inflection point. Telemedicine app development has captured the well-sustained growth of the sprawling healthcare industry.

The population across the world has full realization of the effectiveness of telehealth apps. Implementing and leveraging telemedicine solutions at this crucial time can allow clinicians to improve patient satisfaction and increase work efficiency with minimum revenue leakages.

If you’re thrilled to shape and streamline the care delivery operations in your healthcare organization, developing a standardized and compliant telemedicine app that supports all the crucial features can elevate your practices to a whole new level.

Take Your Healthcare Innovation in the Fast Lane with Telemedicine App Development


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