Top On-demand Mobile App Ideas for 2021
On-demand App Development

What Are the Top On-demand Mobile App Ideas for 2021

Now you can’t miss it anymore! Its 2021 ultra-fueled by digital disruption. A year of transition. COVID has forced businesses to adapt to the next normal without leaving any option. For businesses, it will not at all mean going back to the old school practices that prevailed in 2019/20.

Since every business at present has two dimensions to operate successfully: door-to-door service and online bookings. It comes with no guessing “On-demand app solution” has gripped the trend and so our blog topic.

In this article, we have listed down all the possible on-demand app development ideas that will shape the next normal, make every business no matter small or large adjust to it, and change society’s routine forever.

“The on-demand hypergrowth is upon us. Every people will be able to get anything within a 5 to 60-minute window.”

Top On-demand App Ideas to Develop in 2021

  1. On-demand Food Delivery App
  2. On-demand Grocery Delivery App
  3. On-demand Doctor App
  4. On-demand Taxi-Booking App
  5. On-demand Home Service App
  6. On-demand Beauty App
  7. On-demand Fitness App
  8. On-demand Medicine Delivery App
  9. On-demand Courier Delivery App
  10. On-demand Cannabis Delivery App
  11. On-demand Alcohol Delivery App
  12. On-demand Babysitting App
  13. On-demand Car Wash and Repair App
  14. On-demand Laundry App
  15. On-demand Home Décor App
  16. On-demand Tutor App
  17. On-demand Delivery App
  18. On-demand eLearning App
  19. eCommerce App Development
  20. On-demand Fashion App

Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. On-demand Food Delivery App


Online Food Delivery Apps like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Doordash have seen a massive acceleration in orders, as the world went into lockdown and millions of people ordered food online for the first time. While this surge in demand has changed the dining habit of people, food operators expect it to have a lasting effect. Investing in online food delivery app development could help you achieve significant goals in a shorter time in 2021 and years to come. As it will stay here for long.


Image Source : SEC Filings

Popular E.g. Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates, Doordash

2. On-demand Grocery Delivery App


As a result of the coronavirus, people around the world are avoiding large public spaces to prevent infection. Many consumers in the United States have, therefore, also been avoiding in-store shopping in centers, malls and supermarkets. As of March 2020, about 75 percent of US consumers stated they would likely purchase grocery store items online. The pandemic had changed the lifestyle and consumer shopping behavior. Online Grocery Delivery App Development is a profitable app idea to connect shopper with grocers and supermarket owners and get the stuff delivered at home.

Popular E.g. Peapod, Instacart, FreshDirect, Big Basket

3. On-demand Doctor App


Nothing can replace the dire demand for healthcare apps in these uncertain times. Be a true entrepreneur--give your customers the ability to consult doctors from anywhere at any time with a fully feature On-demand Doctor App or a telemedicine app that supports major features like online appointment booking, video calling, secured messaging, ePrescription, and online payments.

Popular E.g. MDLIVE, Lemonaid, TelaDoc, PlushCare

4. On-demand Taxi-Booking App


Provide an excellent taxi booking experience to customers with the driver and the reconfigured hygiene standards in the new normal. Develop an online taxi booking app that can navigate the next normal with full resilience. Combine a great user experience with extended safety measures and key policies across your taxi app offerings and start a ride-hailing app.

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Popular E.g. Uber, Didi Chuxing, Grab, Cabify, Lyft

5. On-demand Home Service App


People are discovering new ways to get the gigs, daily errands and chores to be done effortlessly. Thus, giving a new opportunity to unskilled laborers to take their services online. Constructing on this lifestyle, investing in on-demand home services app development can take you to go greater heights. Satisfy the demand of every homeowner with on-demand home service app solution.

Popular E.g. TaskRabbit, Thumbtack

6. On-demand Fitness and Workout App


Working out on your own can be a struggle for anyone. For those of us who can't or don't want to go to a gym or hire a trainer in person, an on-demand fitness app can be a perfect nudge! A fitness app solution can help gym owners, fitness trainers, and entrepreneurs generate more leads, engage new users and retain the existing users by opening a spectrum of possibilities in the fitness app like workout and exercise plan, personal training classes, activity tracking, and diet and nutrition suggestions.

Popular E.g. Strava, Beachbody, SWEAT, Grokker

7. On-demand Beauty Service App


A jam-packed market with no obstacles to entry is on-demand beauty services that connect beauticians and salons with customers. With its vast market potential supported by service standards, cost-effectiveness, transparency, and customer satisfaction; on-demand beauty services is luring woman and men in hoards. So, why not scale online beauty/wellness service booking business and launch exclusive wellness services like yoga, laser, Ayurveda, aquatic therapy, nutrition consulting, breathing and meditation exercise with other line of beauty products.

Popular E.g. Soothe, BeYou, Beautii, Veluxe, BeautyLynk, StyleBee

8. On-demand Medicine Delivery App


The competition for on-demand medicine delivery or pharmacy products online is swiftly rising. While the trend will persist as the pandemic has turned the necessity of ordering online into a habit comforted with convenience and ease, foraying into the medicine delivery market can bring an influx of potential advantages to entrepreneurs and aggregators. Wondering how to develop an online medicine delivery app? - Here is your guide to online medicine delivery app development.

Popular E.g. 1mg, PharmEasy, Myra, and NowRx

9. On-demand Courier Delivery App


As every service has gone online, on-time, secured delivery is making a first and last impression on any eCommerce business. As a result, this surge has resulted in greater demand for courier delivery businesses that offer quick, secured, and transparent delivery processes. And where companies operating with Online Courier Delivery Apps are preferred more than their peers. Setting up the system for online retailing-supply chain or logistics delivery will surely prove to be profitable.

Popular E.g. GoTrackApp, Brilliant Move, Elcaro

10. On-demand Cannabis Delivery App


The global legal marijuana delivery market size was estimated at USD 13.8 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 23.9% by 2025. Clearly, Cannabis Delivery App or Marijuana Delivery App holds minimal competition with a huge scope. Online medicine delivery companies are looking to open up new opportunities to differentiate in the pharmaceutical market through cannabis delivery concept. Developing a cannabis delivery app with its own unique features can help you stand out in the market.

Popular E.g. Leafly, Meadow

11. On-demand Alcohol Delivery App

on-demand alcohol delivery app

On-demand alcohol delivery app activities have risen by 296% after COVID-19 and social regulatory conditions. At the end of March 2020, Nielsen announced online alcohol sales were 243 percent. The online liquor delivery trend has suddenly caught a new pace after the pandemic. Starting a new venture with Online Alcohol Delivery App Solution that allows customers to buy their preferred drink and get their order at doorsteps within an hour of receipt of the order can welcome an outstanding response.

Popular E.g. Drizly, Bottle Rover, Saucey

12. On-demand Babysitting App


A parents’ validated, secured, and efficient an on-demand babysitting app service has churned revenues in millions. Aptly described as “Uber for babysitting”, this app keeps the user and the babysitter connected. You just have to verify and screen babysitters and allow parents to get in touch with nearby babysitters/nannies.

Popular E.g. Bambino, Dectar w

13. On-demand Car Wash and Repair App


An incredibly popular, easy, and profitable app service is on-demand car wash and repair app. The car services has low competition and huge scope of expansion. By merely starting with the on-demand car wash, you can extend the service to car repair, maintenance, detailing etc. Features like washer registration, convenient booking through appointment scheduling, tracking and status updating can keep the customer looped and informed in the process. Making the services hassle-free and convenient.

Popular E.g. yourmechanic, GoMechanic

14. On-demand Laundry App


According to a report by Grand View Research, in 2019, the size of the global laundry and dry-cleaning services market was valued at $60.88 billion and is speculated to showcase a yearly development of 3.4% from 2020 to 2027. Online laundry services is helping businesses grow at a breakneck speed. To create an on-demand laundry app you just need to develop an app for 3 stakeholders i.e. customer, laundryman, and delivery man, and offer a simple user experience for all of them.

Popular E.g. Cleanly

15. On-demand Home Décor App


People spend hours searching the original floor plan of their house, visualizing the looks of objects and articles at their home, calculating measurements and dimensions of various artworks and statement pieces. Your all-in-one professional on-demand home décor app concept can make renovation easy and smart for them. Integrate features like on-demand interior designer booking, DIY ideas and inspiration, photo measures, detailed floorplans, and 3D renderings to make your app stand out.

Popular E.g. Live Home 3D, Planner 5D, Houzz, Havenly

16. On-demand Tutor App


An education persistence app that kept the knowledge flowing even in the challenging times of lockdown is an on-demand tutor app. The app allows teachers/tutors to connect with students online at their flexible timings and meet their problems in a flick of a finger. The knowledge transfer can be made seamless by connected workspaces with digital whiteboards, collaborative text editing, and other tools so that teachers and students get the same environment as studying in the room.

Popular E.g. Tutorill, Whiz, Varsity

17. On-demand Delivery App

On-demand delivery tracking and management apps like Postmates and Doordash need little or no introduction. As consumer expectations rise, we see the revenue for platform-to-consumer delivery also touching skies- now $70,741 Million. Not limited only to goods delivery, on-demand Delivery service app has opened opportunities for many sectors like healthcare, professional services, logistics and taxi services. The diverse types of models for the on-demand delivery app are:

Popular E.g. Postmates, doordash

18. On-demand eLearning App

on-demand elearning app

In today’s technological world, where even a 2-year kid is operating a smart phone for any reason may be for listening to rhymes, watching animation, or any interactive content; developing an on-demand elearning app for all ages becomes a way to go. The most common types of online education and eLearning apps are video lectures, online tests, language learning, memorization, exam preparation, etc.

Popular E.g. GradeUp, Semper, Duolingo, Coursera

19. eCommerce App Development


eCommerce apps supported by technologies like AR, VR, cloud integration, chatbots, and voice search are the app development rising trends that you cannot ignore. With higher engagement options, eCommerce apps change the customer’s online purchasing experience and make a significant difference in the lives of small retailers, B2B, and B2C businesses and customers.

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E.g. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bestbuy, Sephora

20. On-demand Fashion App


People love to be in vogue and beautify themselves with the latest fashion trends and styles. The on-demand fashion app is a lovely solution for such fashionistas. This type of apps provide brilliant deals for clothing and accessories on brands, allows users to connect with top stylists and meet their fashion and OOTD (outfit of the day) goals.

Popular E.g. Amazon, Zara, Etsy


The unprecedented shift in consumer behavior that demands everything with the highest quality and immediacy has made the on-demand and sharing economy the focal points of almost every industry. Today, every customer wants a product or service, at its highest standards with “full speed and convenience” which fundamentally becomes the biggest driver of growth for businesses with tremendous revenue potential.

The above-listed on-demand app development ideas can help customers save their time and money by providing door-to-door delivery or services on an instant basis.

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