How On-Demand Home Service App Can Be an Absolute Channel for Raising Money?

How On-Demand Home Service App Can Be an Absolute Channel for Raising Money?
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Do you also lie in the roster of successful business Entrepreneurs having a heavy focus on launching a profit yielding on-demand app but wrestling with the type of sector to foray in?

Roping in the benefits of developing an on-demand home services app can turn out to be a big change maker for investors worldwide.

This new trend of on-demand home service that quietly popped up in the Google Play store has attracted millions of people for undertaking their daily stressful jobs—the task of finding reliable servicemen or tradespeople for daily home errands like air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical repairs to home cleaning and furniture assembling and (in worst scenarios) picking up the pieces if things go wrong.

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Commercially, homeowners in the U.S. spend upwards of $400 billion annually on home repairs and maintenance. A huge sum. Isn’t it?

Developing an effective, convenient platform that provides premium care and repair services for homeowners can help your raise good amount of money but only when your app has an impressive mix of features with a smart, technology-forward approach. Here are the must-have features that give your app a competitive edge!

Integrating Features To Enable the Future of Home Services:

1. Subscription-Based Services

Homeowners typically spend between 1 and 4 percent of their home's value each year on repairs and maintenance. By allowing homeowners to buy a membership plan for maintenance and repair services in your app where they can fix their home system breakdowns without paying every time get the services done can give them relief from frequent expenditures and in-turn help you see the steady source of income, especially compared to other app revenue models.

2. Check Reliability and Expertise

Provide access to a range of service professionals, while also allowing users to see the professionals’ ratings, reviews, credentials, and location.

3. Real-time Bidding

In this feature, users can post a custom chore or job with a price and request a quote to multiple professionals at once. The home pros who revert at the earliest by accepting or bidding on job in a real-time auction format should be permitted to take the lead forward.

4. Task Customization

There may be a possibility when your app may not cover users’ requirements in your list of services. Allow your users to create their own custom chore where they can list their set of requirements and suggest you add a chore in the app quickly in the future.

5. An All-in-one Service Provider App

Give your app an extra edge by integrating nearly every workflow in your app including scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, inventory, payments and more. You can also further enhancements by including real-time appointment booking integrations as well as supply chain integrations.

After witnessing skyrocketing growth in this sector, Big MNC’s, as well as Fortune 500 companies, have started investing in on-demand home service apps. In fact, Facebook marketplace has also expanded into home services and eCommerce giant Walmart has partnered with Handy, a home service provider. There’s even more funding growing for local services space.

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If you are one such individual or a company looking to test waters in the local service marketplace and searching for an expert on-demand app development company, Codiant can be of great help!

Codiant is an on-demand app development company that designs and engineers’ ultimate on-demand home service app bundled with a unique set of features. We have an expansive portfolio in the on-demand industry and we’re equally excited as you for your next upcoming app project.

Transform the $400 billion home services market with Codiant’s Forte in On-demand Home Service App Development


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