How Yii Framework can keep you out of trouble?
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#PHP trends: How Yii Framework can keep you out of trouble?

Hello World! Well, these two words are quite promising for PHP, that doesn’t even cost a dime to make a successful run. But when it comes to building an actual web application, things get notably complicated.

Not surprisingly, but the most robust PHP platform that has emerged in the recent past is the Yii framework. Pronounced as Yee, Yii stands for Yes it is. It is a free, open-source framework for PHP5 that calls attention for clean, DRY (Don’t repeat Yourself) design, extensibility and modularity for rapid developing, modern web applications.

With its secure and professional features, the Yii framework has a component-based architecture and a full solid caching support. Therefore, it work wonders in building all kinds of Web applications: forums, portals, content management systems, RESTful services, e-commerce websites, and so forth. Additionally, its extra contribution to rapid development aids the customers with a more efficient development with trimmed costs.

Why Choose Yii Framework For Web Development?

1. MVC Pattern:

Yii implements the MVC architectural pattern, using this paradigm, it brilliantly differentiates between the three i.e. business rules, logic and presentation.

2. Caching:

Yii provides multi-tier caching support. It is an effective way to improve the website performance and speed where it stores the static data in the cache and gets in at the time of the request. This reduces the time of page load to a greater extent.

3. Secured:

Yii has high performance and security. It comes loaded with features like SQL injection, input filtering and cross-site scripting preventing unnecessary breaches.

4. Error Handling & Logging:

Yii has handleError and handleException functions that take care of all the PHP warnings and notices.

5. Functional Testing:

Yii test programs not only with precision but in an efficacious manner enhancing your app’s functionality.

6. Rapid Loading:

The required functions, classes and objects are called at will via ‘lazy-loading’ technique that helps in faster loading.

7. Customizable Elements:

In-built elements often referred as extensions make the development work faster and developers’ life easier.

8. AJAX-Enabled Widgets:

The built-in AJAX widgets enhance the level of easiness for developers consequently saving time and coding effort.

Added Benefits with Codiant’s Yii Framework Development Services:

Codiant software technologies hold instrumental expertise in developing business specific Yii applications, portal and website development respectively. An adept team of qualified and dedicated Yii developers, design customized solutions for different business models in a performance rendering manner.

They integrate all Yii features like DAO, Model View Controller, jQuery integration, skinning, theming, scaffolding, etc.

Their unrivaled understanding of all inclusive features of Yii framework and deep technical expertise ascertains better compliance, greater scalability and easy maintenance of the applications rendered.

Yii Services Provided by Codiant:

  • Custom Web Development
  • Application Development
  • Customization & Integration
  • Portal Development
  • YII CMS Development
  • YII Module Development

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