How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11?

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11?
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Dream 11, the growing obsession and stimulating play, gets glued millions of sports aficionados across the country. As the name shouts ‘Fantasy Sports’, immerses everyone in a virtual game which is played more of an imaginative style.

In time, the penchant of Fantasy sports has spiked colossally and has fuelled in even greater mass velocity by rapid advancements in technology. Fantasy Sports App like Dream 11 is no exception.

An India based fantasy sports platform majorly boasting fantasy cricket league and other sports like football, kabaddi and basketball is into the spotlight, with a rapidly growing base of 20 million+ users.

The app that lures sports enthusiasts on the offerings like sign-up bonus, cash prizes, and a craze tied with lots of enthusiasm have won millions of hearts in the world and established a strong foothold, big enough to be hailed as a World's #1 Fantasy Cricket & 6th Largest Fantasy Sports Site.

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Here’s a breakdown of growing market of fantasy sports that will show you a bigger picture of this bandwagon:

Fantasy Sports Games- Market Growth and Action Stats across the World

  • Fantasy sports started in USA in 1952. Today there are over 200+ operators with 59.3 million users (21% of US population). 65% of the male sports fans in USA play fantasy sports.
  • Rapid growth in India in the last two years- from 2 million users in 2016 to 20 million in 2018.
  • Projected fantasy sports users by 2020- 100 million, 30% of online sports fans in India.
  • 2 out of 3 or 67% of online sports fans in India are aware of fantasy sports.
  • Engagement wise, users spend 42 minutes a day on fantasy sports app.
  • Fantasy Sports is highly sticky- 89% of the users play it at least once a month.
  • Out of the users who have ever played fantasy sports- 96% of them have played it at least once in the past 1 year.
  • 60 operators and growing: India is becoming the battlefield of fantasy sports operators.
  • With 20 million fantasy sports users, India rapidly catching up with western countries.
  • 53% of players primarily use their mobile device for fantasy

//SOURCE: IFSG- AC Nielsen report- Scoring big with Sports Gaming

Core App Features and Functionalities to develop an App like Dream11

Features of Participant/User App

1. User Authentication
1.1. Login
1.2. Register
1.3. Referral Code
User can register and log-in to the app via email, username, contact number or a referral code provided by any friend.
2. Main Screen
2.1 Search
2.2. List
2.3 Filter
On the home screen user can search, search by filters (like matches, sports type (Cricket, Football, NBA), category of match (Upcoming, LIVE, Results).
View match listings like tournaments name and match timings.
3. Tournaments
3.1 Filter
3.2 Listings
3.3 Join Tournament
3.4 Create fantasy team
3.5 Create Tournament
The tournaments section aggregates complete tournament listings for any match.
It allows users to filter tournaments by entry fee range, tournament type, winners count, number of teams that can join. As per that a user can join the tournament.
Here users can join the tournaments by giving the entry fees.
Users can pick a fantasy team by selecting players based on knowledge and awareness of player’s performance, player’s statistics.
Users can create their own tournament by entering details like tournament name, total winning amount, entry fees, tournament size, and multiple team permission, invite friends.
4. Payment Gateway Integration Allow users to pay online through credit card/debit card, mobile wallet, net banking and referral cash.
5. My Tournament details
5.1 View participants
5.2 Edit team players
5.3 Filter
Here the owner of the tournament can view the participants list. They can view and edit their team players and apply filters on the parameter of match status.
6. Invite and Earn Users can share or refer the app to their friends via app URL and referral code. In turn, users can be benefitted by cash or reward points bonus which gets credited directly to their wallet.
7. Content Management System A support system for the user which will include different sections like About Us, Help, Contact us, Point System.
8. User’s Dashboard User can view and update their entire profile details like:
  • Account details (referral cash bonus, winning amount, reward points, total balance).
  • Manage transactions (add and withdraw payments)
  • Check overall rankings, invite & earn, friends etc.
  • Logout

Features of Admin Panel

1. Admin Login Admin can login to the app using username and password.
2. Admin Dashboard Admin has the God view of everything from the dashboard like: total upcoming or scheduled matches, LIVE matches, already played matches, no. of participants and total revenue generated.
3. Users Management Admin has full control over edit, update, delete, add, activate and deactivate accounts.
4. League/Tournament Management Admin has full control to manage, edit, update, delete, add, activate and deactivate leagues or tournaments.
5. Category Management Admin can manage the games categorically.
6. Match Management Admin has full control to manage, edit, update, delete, add, activate and deactivate matches.
7. Revenue Management Admin can view total earnings from different matches by applying various filters.
8. Reward Points Admin can offer reward points to the users.
9. Bonus Cash Management Admin has the sole rights to add, manage the cash prizes given to the participants.
10. CMS Management Admin can manage the sections of Help, About us, Contact us and others.

Advanced Features

1. Push Notifications Send the users time-to-time notifications about match timings, scores, results and more.
2. GPS Location Tracking Send users alerts about ongoing or upcoming matches nearby their location.
3. Live Match Score Give your users an ability to watch LIVE scores for matches by LIVE score API integration.
4. Real-time Analytics Provide real-time data insights to make better decisions quickly.
5. Miscellaneous Social Media Sharing, Live Commentary feed, Live video streaming of games, Live photos of games.

The image below shows full Leaderboard architecture of Dream 11:


Source: Dream11

The Bottom Line:

The penchant of Fantasy Sport is dramatically increasing. For those who are thinking to pitch this field as a new avenue to stack money, should now take their next step forward to build a Fantasy Sport App just like Dream 11. Codiant is your right development partner which has an expert team of Fantasy sports app developers who can perfectly strike a chord to your requirements and build a robust app cost effectively.


So, why wait? Request a quote for the custom features you want to get developed in your app.


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