How to Create a Riveting Social Media App?
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How to Create a Riveting Social Media App in 2019?

Keen to build a network, an online community, for any niche or around your product/services? Social networking app can be the big idea!

Infinite in its strength, rigorous in properties, and desirable in nature social media has captivated all eyes and hearts upon it.

Just the right selections and you create a radically new world talking, expressing, sharing, and ranting for your service on social media platform.

To make that right, here we open up the most wanted, desirable and coveted features of 2019-2020 that will keep your social networking app on a high note.


Enthralling Features of Social Media This Generation Go Crazy For:

    • Photo Galleries

A survey from Hiscox, the online art trade report from 2018, makes it clear: more and more people no longer view art in galleries or museums but on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. A photo gallery enables your users to interact with artists and take a good step forward.

    • App Integrations

No denying popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and Instagram have taken up the internet by storm. Integrating these apps can give your users a new reason to be bound with your social networking app.

    • Video Streaming

Video streaming allows users to stream video to followers and engage with them in real-time.

    • Messenger

Launching a lite version of fast messaging app that loads quickly and runs efficiently can help users in reaching out people for chat, send photos or links, make one-to-one voice and video calls without even sharing their private mobile numbers.

    • Payment System Integration

For any social networks business support angle, integrating state-of-the-art and secured payment system or by launching a peer-to-peer payment support can help merchants as well as users in making easy transactions.

    • Invite Friends from All Connections

Social Media without friends. Does that sound right? An out-doing social media app must use algorithms that pulls users’ contacts from everywhere. From Phonebook to professional network to other social media networks- accessibility of contacts should be from everywhere so that user can get quick suggestions and can invite his/her friends in a single click.

    • News Feed

News feed a vital innovation of Facebook is undoubtedly a delight for stalker friends who just want to be in know of every activity going in their network neighborhood.

    • Story Highlights

Sharing disappearing stories for 24 hours soon fades away from the memories. A highlight section on the users’ profile page can allow users to consolidate pictures/video clips into highlight sections.

    • Private Community

Creating private social networks where conversations can take place of different groups and fraternities can be a worthy idea.

    • Push Notifications

Push notification is the key to driving user engagement growth on the platform. Social media alerts make it feel like a real conversation and increases engagement.

    • Like, Comment, Share

The likes, comments and posts might seem inconsequential but they do matter. They play a vital role in adding value to relationships.

    • Follow and Unfollow

Give users a choice to follow or unfollow their connections. This option gives them the ability to gain more followers but not engagement.

    • Targeted Posts

Many a times users’ posts are aligned to specific users not for all audiences. Embedding a targeting feature put users’ updates only in front of the people who are more likely to share, like or comment on them.

    • Photo Filters

With amazing photo effects and filters, users can spice up their pictures by making it look more enchanting and exciting.

    • Events

Allow users to create, edit and post event. This helps users in setting up an event, reach audiences and sell tickets.

Social Networking sites and apps have the power to increase brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, and establish your brand as an authority and thought leader while giving a human touch to your brand.

So, why not build a separate social media app and website to cater different fraternities!

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Want To Build A Social Networking App That Can Stay Top Of Mind With Your Targeted Users?

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