How Augmented Reality is Reshaping Real Estate Industry?

How Augmented Reality is Reshaping Real Estate Industry?
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As the demands of potential home buyers are skyrocketing with boom in internet, Realtors are leaving no stone unturned to meet their rising demands. If buyers wish to see the property without leaving their cozy homes and offices, AR based real estate apps have proven to be the tickets of their living fantasy.

Augmented Reality is bringing real-world experience by creating an artificial environment in real-time and trust us there can’t be any better way other than AR and VR for digitally touring properties.

According to Emarketers US VR and AR forecast, 42.9 million people in the US will use VR, and 68.7 million people will use AR at least once per month. This represents 13.0% and 20.8% of the population, respectively.

The magnitude of AR in real estate is more nuanced with its ability to leave the mark on potential home buyers, owners and real estate professionals. Here we jot down the numerous ways augmented reality apps are contributing in revolutionizing the real estate industry.


Benefits of Integrating AR in Real Estate App Development

  • AR Allows To Take Virtual Tours Of Apartments - Virtual reality platforms allow the user to tour an apartment, ask questions, record presentations, and make notes. An app named Realync works on the same perspective.
  • Saves Realtors and Buyers Time - It comes as a big sigh of relief for agents with AR/VR. Displaying homes has become a lot easier and smoother for their prospective clients. With interactive experience, AR apps also allow realtors to know when a prospective customer is viewing their property and their location.
  • Allows Clients to see the Location of Properties - The GPS Geolocation technology in the AR app allows the client to view the location of properties that are close to their current location.
  • Enables Immersive Viewing Experience - AR apps provide clients with a three-dimensional viewing experience as well as visual communication of property for interactive presentation. It allows buyers to experience the look and feel of property inside out.
  • Brings Life to Intangible Products AR lets you visualize the products in real-time in 3D (e.g. opening doors, rearranging furniture, exploring property amenities etc.) which reduces the sales time and increases the likelihood to pre-sell the projects.
  • Fasters Decision-Making Process - Some clients may miss out on finding the perfect property simply because they aren’t inspired. Immersive AR experiences narrow down the choices of viewers to explore more property since they get the abilities to envision the possibilities of their dream home and get a real-like view as per their taste and imaginations which easily satisfies them without having the need to hunt for more by going places.
  • Helps in Effective Marketing - Realtors can use AR-enabled app as an effective marketing tool. By seamlessly showcasing the properties to investors they can quicken their decision-making process of whether or not they wish to invest in the property. Furthermore, the geofencing feature allows realtors to send right notification and messages to the right audience at the right time.

The Bottom line

Augmented Reality apps have gained massive momentum after Apple’s ARkit debut last year. More and more real estate companies have dipped their toes in the water. Also hailed as future of home showings, AR apps have accelerated sales for property agents, brokers, and architects. So why miss out? Contact a real estate app development company and leverage the benefits of augmented reality now.

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