100 Mobile App Ideas You Should Invest In Today

100 Mobile App Ideas You Should Invest In Today
Mobile App Development

1. Real-time Car Sharing Mobile App

How if you are riding from point A to point C and a rider nearby wants to go to the same point C or in between B? This way rider can earn and save resources. No deny carpooling mobile app is the parent of this unique concept. But this time let’s get finicky.

2. On-demand Car Wash App

Not everywhere. Does your city have? If no, you’ve to take the lead. The choice is yours. We have a demo ready for the car wash app. Take a quick look. It will hardly take 10 minutes.


3. An Instant Messaging App

An all-in-one simple messaging app with the features of Skype, Whatsapp and FB Messenger. Build an instant messaging application with no ad distractions, enable features like video/audio calling, file sharing, emoticons and formatting, screen sharing and message editing (still absent in Whatsapp/Messenger), quoting and more.


4. Parking Finder App

An app that help motorists find, reserve and pre-pay for public parking around the city or near their destination. You can partner with a slew of professional sports leagues, stadiums and family attractions, collect data from parking lots and work out more.


5. A Home Security App

An app solution to provide security features like sensing activities on doors, windows and safe. Tracks pets, kids and other essential items. Monitors temperature inside the house.


6. Grocery Delivery App

Contract with local stores in your city and aggregate them on a grocery delivery mobile app. Your customers will give you their orders, you place them and then sell your service at a profit. You can also charge to deliver customer orders for a fee.

Know the fastest method to launch and validate your grocery app. Contact us.

Fresh grocery delivery ideas-

  • Deliver meal kits with ingredients pre-measured for specific meals
  • Deliver nutritional and organic farm fresh items
  • Fresh fruits, salad and sprouts delivery


7. Online Food Delivery App

With no signs of slowing down, online food delivery app development has become timeless in the food marketplace. How about leveraging this fad by bookmarking more specialties? Here are ten profitable online food delivery app ideas to follow. Click here.


8. Pickup & Order Delivery App

With more than 350000 restaurants, retails shops, grocers, and more all across your city, there stands a dire need of delivery agencies. Courier delivery or pick and drop delivery app can be your cup of tea.


9. An AR-based Real-estate App

Be the early AR grabber. The future of home findings and home showings lies in augmented reality. Fuse AR in an existing real-estate app and allow your customers to instantly view nearby properties, test out furniture placements in their real spaces by aiming a smartphone or tablet on a condo building or home.

Learn more: How Augmented Reality Is Reshaping Real Estate Industry?

10. On-demand Taxi App Solution

The trend of taxi app development will be unstoppable. By launching a taxi app with your novelty can help you stand out in the online taxi space. At Codiant, we’ve developed a couple of taxi apps with unique features. Check the case study.


11. User Reviews & Recommendations App

A user rating and review app of best restaurants, food, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, and service providers in the town. This app would help users to know the credibility of other service providers.

12. A Media Sharing Network App

A media sharing network app to find and share photos, videos, live videos and build brands.

13. A Sharing Economy Network App

Build a platform to advertise, find, share, buy, sell, and trade products and services between peers.

Fresh Possibilities Are:

  • Apartment sharing app where travelers can rent a room or a home to your app.
  • Dog owners can leave their dog with a host as its caretaker.
  • An app where people can borrow cars from neighbors or people can rent cars by the hour or by the day.
  • Rent a bike from a neighbor.
  • A peer-to-peer marketplace for people to provide services for others. Allow sellers to create online stores to market their services.

14. A Marketplace Mobile App

An online marketplace app for people to hire people to do their jobs and tasks.


15. A Money Lending App

A peer-to-peer network to borrow cash in better interest rates as compared to investors or savings account.


16. A Wifi Sharing App

Remember the barter system? Reinvent it with anything say like enable people to share their WiFi network in exchange of anything they would like to share in return.

17. A Cloth Resell App

Let people sell their branded clothes online and recoup their investment in a luxury garment. Wish to see how it happens? Contact our business developer for a quick demo.

18. Remote Tuition Platform

Connect native speakers to people who want to master that language. This one-to-one online language lesson would be a super-hit and highly-valued.

19. Learning Apps For Disabled People

A special education app that helps children with autism spectrum disorder develop skills and learn. We have developed a social networking app for autism affected people in the UK which helped their family members to share their stories, post status, send messages, read and write blogs, ask questions, do event listing to attend or invite.

20. A Crash Course App For Exams

Make an exam prep app that prepares students for their upcoming exams by covering the key highlights of important topics and help them memorize quickly.

21. A Reminder App For Adults

Integrate plug in’s for reminders like medicines, meetings, deadlines, home care, etc.

22. Online Dating App

An online dating app to discover, date, meet and socialize with compatible singles and divorcees.


23. Discussion Forums

An open discussion platform to find, discuss, and share news, information, and opinions, gain and share knowledge and connect with people who contribute to sharing their insights and recommendations.

24. Social Shopping Networks

Support creators, artisans, and artists. Make a network where people can spot them and shop their handmade items, share great finds, and make purchases.

25. Fantasy Sports App

Tap the growing obsession and stimulating play, build a daily fantasy sports platform where users can play fantasy cricket, football, rugby, basketball, and other games and win excessive money.


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26. Events & Ticket Booking App

Get developed an online events ticket booking app that helps users book eTickets of movies, musical events, seminars, sports events, recreational and cultural events just like Book my show.


27. A Traveling & Hospitality App

Make an app like Airbnb and allow your customers to book stays, find nearby adventures and places around the world. Include a guest and host app in it that allows hosts to list their property, set price and receive bookings. And for guests to easily find rental properties, make booking and payment.


28. A Workout or Exercise App

Let your users experience a full-body workout through Workout or exercise apps. Whether it is running, functional training, yoga, suspension training, or cycling, train your users in real-time or give them demos.


29. A Meditation & Yoga App

Bring your yoga instructor everywhere you go. Make a meditation and yoga app to give a wide variety of video demonstrations with vocal instructions to your users with a daily dose of inspirational quotes.


30. Diet & Weight Loss App

Make a weight tracking tool app that tracks diet and exercise and offers a huge food database in the most user-friendly option for losing weight.

31. Logbook Apps

A logbook app that consists of preset libraries with exercises and a wide choice of workout routines available for the users. It works as a to-do list and stores information about workouts.


32. A Graphical Restaurant Reservation System

A reservation system for restaurants and pubs that would allow users to see a graphical layout of the formation and see what tables are available.

33. Food Donation From Restaurants App

Many restaurants, catering, and event companies often end up with plenty of leftovers, but resist the cost or taking the liability of figuring out how to donate and deliver them to those in need. Making an app that delivers leftover food from all the restaurants to the hungry, instead of to the trash can be worthy. This will help save wastage of food and feed those in need.

34. On-demand Doctor App

Why not scale up your healthcare business by developing an on-demand doctor app that connects caregivers, physicians and Doctors with patients suffering from chronic diseases and other people in need through video calling (telemedicine app) or an audio call.


35. On-demand Beauty App

Get built a beauty and wellness app to make girls’ life a little easier and prettier. Be it nails on-demand, fitness on-demand or make-up on-demand, let your app serve girls of all ages through an expert beauty app.


36. On-demand Alcohol Delivery App

Let your customers get their daily or occasional shots of a favorite wine, beer, or liquor delivered to them in an hour. Bring a variation by offering cool offers like a feature of splitting a bottle between their friends and paying for quarters, tracking the amount of beer they had taken in a day/month and so on. There are many ways to make your app stand out.


37. Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management App

Increase the efficiency and transparency of SCM by blockchain technology. Various ideas for this vertical can be real-time tracking of food staples, in-clothing supply chain and Pharma supply chain app.


38. A Corporate Voting App

Make a polling or voting app for enterprises or organizations that help them record, track and ensure that each eligible person uses only one vote. This app can help make key decisions by polling, select an appropriate person for any desirable designation.

39. Logistics & Warehouse Tracking App

This app can help track the products in real-time from the supplier to shelf by tracking drivers, vehicles, shipments, and clients in this all-in-one app.


40. Business Registry & Licensing App

Plan an Asset Registry app to help increase the efficiency of transaction processing and aid in preventing property fraud. Contact us for more details.

41. Identity Management App

Blockchain-based identity management app helps in enabling fully secured password-less experiences for your customers and employees. You can include features like password management, lifecycle management, single sign-on, and group automation.

42. A Social Networking App For Tokers

Build an app where tokers can safely share their cannabis activities, post photos and connect with fellow tokers. You can also add a tint of uniqueness by making a tinder like app for tokers where they can find tokers in the nearby area with whom they can smoke.

43. App, Swipe, Go- eCommerce App

Leverage the super hit idea of Amazon Go where you can just pick up an item from the store and walk out with it and the cost will be automatically deducted from your e-wallet. The Amazon Go convenience stores utilize a complex network of sensors on shelves, cameras, and A.I. to track what people pick up and place in their bag.

44. An AR Based Interior Design App

Develop an AR-based real-estate app to help clients with a 3D viewing experience to visualize the furniture or decor elements in the surrounding space with the help of AR. Give them the ability to switch from different colors, fabrics, patterns and styles.

45. An On-demand Expert Provider Solution

An app to allow users to instantly connect with service experts of any type. Be it family consultation, legal advice, fitness consultation, real estate, e-learning or any other users can always connect with service experts.


46. A Freelancer App

An app to hire freelancers on-the-go. Let users across all domain specialties register themselves and offer their services at affordable prices.

47. A Public Transit App

An app that will give users all the crucial information of public buses, metros, trains and taxis citywide and area wise. User can access their time, schedule, routes, and can also track them on the live map.

48. A Photo Saving App

An encrypted photo saving app that allows users to create their albums on app where they can save their photos, lock them, and even share privately with their friends or family by custom viewing mode like who can see this album.

49. A Money Saver App

This app will record the daily investments made by the users’ category wise like shopping, dining, medical, grocery, fuel, etc. and send him alerts on surplus expenditure on any particular category to limit the expenses.

50. A Reading App

In the mobile age, everyone wants to go digital. Be it novel, magazines, newspaper or anything else users want an all-in-one app for the same. Make a reading app that covers all these stuff and users can subscribe monthly for accessing them.


51. A Short Video Sharing App

Just like we have Instagram for photo sharing, you can make any videogram app for video sharing that allows users to make short DIY or any other professional videos with features like adding lower-thirds, text, background sound, etc.

52. An NGO Collaboration App

An app where you can connect all the NGOs city wise on a single app and help them raise funds through people who want to make a significant contribution through a trusted platform. You can also include in-app features like event or activity creation to engage with people who can support volunteers for some major causes.

53. On-demand Babysitting App

Register experienced sitters in an app and help parents find sitters and nannies around on a tap of a button.


54. A White Glove Delivery Service App

White-Glove Services are transportation services beyond usual delivery expectations. We all face issues when it comes to transporting fragile items or things that require extra care. Building an on-demand pickup and delivery app platform to help users transport their items with proper padded packaging and security can come as a rescue.

55. An Eat Together App

No need to eat alone when you have Eat Together app. Design an app that allows people in a campus, office, restaurant or any other social place to find a company to eat based on their preferred time, location, and schedule. This way they can break their loneliness, build new connections and enjoy we time.

56. A Person Rating App

Imagine an app where anyone who connects with you in daily life and gets impressed or upset by your behavior, work, service, habit or anything else can rate you on the app. This way you can build your profile and built authentic credibility which can help you at the time of interviews, meetings, or any misfortune where you have to validate your behavior.

57. A Fashion Club App

This app will help fashionistas to club and sport the best dress they wish to wear occasion wise like parties, formal meetings, weddings, travels etc. Fashion savvy people can get opinions based on it they can shop. This way you can turn it into a smart eCommerce app.

58. A Personal Consultant App

This app will help users to find the right or best solutions to the problem they’re confused about. You can classify experts based on their field and users can seek a solution on message, video or voice call by giving a nominal fee.


59. A Part-time Job Finding App

Here users can register their interests, hobbies, and expertise and seek part-time jobs with certain deadlines and earn extra income.


60. A Real Estate App with Virtual Tours

Get built a next-generation real estate app that helps property buyers to take a virtual tour of the property on the app i.e. Live broadcasting and allows them to chat with brokers or sellers in real-time.


61. Spot Nearby Places

Develop an AR-based app that helps users to spot nearby restaurants, hotels, pubs, parking, hospitals, etc. just by hovering the phone on the buildings or nearby places.

62. A Water Alert App

An app that interactively tracks your daily water intake and motivates you to drink water periodically by the means of inspiring quotes, necessities, warnings etc.


63. Employee Feedback App

An anonymous employee feedback app that consents employees to share their opinions on improving the company environment, share feedback and ideas. This will solve the problems of companies internally without going to Google.

64. A Chauffeur Hiring App

An on-demand app to hire professional, reliable and licensed car chauffeurs and drivers for your private local and outstation drives. Features include real-time tracking, checking drivers’ profile, insurance, packages, etc.

65. A Housing Society App

Create an app for housing societies and townships where all members of the society can join the group and the admin can post all upcoming events, collect contributions, discuss and share problems with solutions, include the feature of polling and voting, take decisions based on the majority and more features can be added.

66. A Water Sharing App

Many a time it happens a building/flat or a house has excess water and some adjacent areas are devoid of water supply. This app will help identify needy homes and people with abundant water can drop them a message and communicate for water sharing.

67. An Online Kitty App

Often women are fond of kitty parties but some do not get time to contribute, gather and party hard. An online kitty will help ladies to contribute money to a central pool which will essentially be a mobile wallet and the lots can be drawn turn wise through a built-in feature.

68. Stop Procrastinating App

This app will help people stay focused and boost their productivity from time to time. Features include sending notifications, blocking social media apps after a fixed time (as decided by user), cutting distractions.

69. A City Guide App

This app will help tourists and travelers explore places, restaurants, hotels (with ratings and reviews), famous shopping points, and historic places in the city with their brief significance. It would act as a personal guide to any new traveler.

70. A Budget App

A budget management app that helps users to track and manage their money from a list of banks, credit card issuers, brokerages, lenders and other financial institutions. Additionally, it should also have the feature to help guard users against spending too much.

71. Online Medicine Delivery App

Create an online pharmacy app where users can purchase medicines, get it delivered to home. The app should also assist users with medical queries and treatment plans, usage information, side effects and safety warnings.


72. Lost & Found App

This app can help users find their lost things. Users can report lost, stolen or found items here. It can also be used to report missing people, children and pets.

73. A Graphic Design Tool App

Allow your users to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations, social media images and more.

74. Animated Videos Maker App

Enable your users to create animated video, make professional presentations and video ads by giving them a library of readymade templates and styles, characters and backgrounds.

75. Language Learner App

This app can have a beginner, intermediary and expert level language learning content to help people learn new languages along with their pronunciation.


76. Brain Training App

Create an app that helps users to improve memory, problem-solving capability, attention, speed of processing and thinking.

77. Uber for Trucking App Solution

Create an on-demand trucking app solution to match carriers with shippers. This will help shippers find the potential carriers or transport companies that fits in their budget and delivery criteria. It will also help truckers and carriers to find shippers so that they don’t face empty truck problems anymore. Want to know the features in detail? Click here.

78. Custom Gift App

There are people who do not get time to buy a gift for their loved ones. This app will help them customize a gift and make a hamper in the app itself which can be later delivered on their doorsteps.

79. Dating + Matrimony App

Create an app that makes the journey from dating to wedding seamless. It will allow only potential match seekers to login by taking their unique identity and other important information.

80. Chatbot App Development

Build AI Powered chatbots for automated communication and virtual assistance. You can foray in any industry for unleashing its power and bringing in intelligent conversation in your business.

81. A Wish List App

We all have seen eCommerce apps having the option of wishlist(ing) the items or marking them favorites. Why not redefine the concept and make a separate app where we can save all the items, products, desires category wise. And tick the checkbox right when the wish is completed. This will further help achieve milestones, fulfill the desires in an organized fashion.

82. A Taxi Aggregator App

We all have used different taxi apps and have faced one common problem of late taxi arrivals. So the idea is to club all the existing taxi apps like Uber, BlaBla, Meru, Ola and all the ones popular in your city. This app will show the nearest taxi, pricing, and information of the drivers accepting your rides; you can compare and call the one that suits your choice.

83. A Digital Receipt App

This app will record all the transactions that you have done in the month. Whether it be on shopping, grocery, fuel, restaurants, travel and others. It will divide your monthly spending categorically. This will give a fair idea of where the expenditures are done most. It will also save the digital receipts in the app for tracking the total spends.

84. An AR App to Scan Any Object

Create an app that enables users to scan products, images and illustrations and discover hidden content using augmented reality.

85. AR Gaming App

Create an app that allows users to use their actual surroundings in the gaming zone and create an immersive experience.

86. A Virtual Makeup & Hairstyle App

It gets expensive trying looks on oneself by applying in real and then get distressed by undesirable results. Having an app where individuals can have a virtual facelift can turn out to be a money, resource and time saver.

87. Astrology & Horoscope App

If you’re an astrologer, tarot card reader you can take your profession online by foretelling the fortunes, revealing insights and career trajectories about people.

88. On-demand Home Services App

Create an app like TaskRabbit, Handyman, Thumbtack that provides convenience to customers to search and book for on-demand home service solutions at their doorstep. The services can include on-demand home cleaning, repairing, spa & salon, plumbing, car washing services, laundry and more.


89. On-demand Babysitter App

Finding a last-minute professional sitter for your baby is no simple task. Having a custom nanny finder app or an on-demand babysitter app in your local city could prove to be a big relaxer of many working mothers.

90. A Family Locator App

Create an app that allows users to stay in sync with their entire family located remotely. This app can have features like creating a group, viewing the real-time location of circle members, receiving real-time alerts, sharing texts, images, private video calling, etc.

91. Child’s GPS Watch & Phone Tracker

Create an app for child safety and parental control. It can have features like GPS locator, family chat, app control, battery control, GPS watch.

92. On-demand Fuel Delivery App

Don’t you feel buying fuel should be as easy as buying a dress on Amazon? Fuel delivery apps will let users buy fuel, track the delivery on a real-time basis as well as help prevent adulteration. No more need to drag the vehicles to the nearest petrol pump!

93. Media & Entertainment App

Develop a custom broadcast app that helps in post-production project management, live streaming media and other media workflow.


94. Music Discovery & Lyrics App

A music discovery and recognition app will allow users to identify music in seconds that he might not have information of but he likes it. The app will also allow the user to watch its video and check lyrics.

95. Water Quality Monitoring App

An IoT powered app that assists users in monitoring and sharing water quality parameters, collecting data for simple comparison and analysis.

96. Smart Office Monitoring System

An IoT based smart office system which knows or can determine office users' needs, and acts according to this knowledge.

97. Smart Trash Bins Software

IoT based waste management using smart dustbin will reduce human resources and efforts along with the enhancement of a smart city vision. This software assures to send mail notification and status on the dashboard of dustbins when the garbage level reaches its maximum. If the dustbin is not cleaned in a specific time then alert would be sent to the admin who can take appropriate action.

98. An Online Restaurant Reservation System

This app would allow users to see a graphical layout of the establishment. The users would be able to see the filled and vacant tables. It will work the same way you book seats in the book my show app.

99. AR App For Healthy Food Checker

An AR-based nutrition checker app that will check which nutrients are in your meals in an easy to read format and their benefits for your health.

100. AR App for Tourism

There can be many apps that can be developed using AR in the tourism industry. Some of them being helping travelers find their way, educating customers about the places they visit, AR geo channel to break the communication barrier and improving customer experience.

Bottom line :

Being an entrepreneur, what’s your take on ideas execution, rapid mobile app development, app launch, its digital marketing, ultimately driving ROI?

What we discussed above are timely and timeless mobile app ideas sitting on the most urgent seat of development and execution.

A shrewd businessman is the one that addresses the needs on or before time by crushing the solutions.

So, Which One Do You Pick Of The Above?


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