The Better the Technology. The Better the Solutions The Better the World Works

As technological change accelerates, Codiant’s progression soars. The Internet of All things, The Cloud, SaaS, and other spawning IT trends being exploited at a breakneck pace, and with its ability to deliver digital power, has promised a new phase of corporate productivity. With the rapid evolution, we at Codiant embrace the trending IT technologies and then redefine the quality and efficacy of solutions.

Moves like this, create new possibilities for managing operations with full efficiency and flexibility. We at Codiant, operate on a vast gamut of impelling technologies such as Software As a Service SaaS, Cloud Technologies, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), 3G MIMO, IOT, SDN, Big Data, IPV6 and take them along our knowledge-work value chain. Why not make a difference together?


Technical staff comprises

Software as a service

Cloud Technologies

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

3G MIMO (Multiple– input 7 Multiple-output)

SDN (Software- defined Networking)

IOT (Internet of Things)

Big Data