WELCOME TO careclix

Now Connecting to a Doctor is just a click away!!

Careclix as the name states, get the care in clicks is a telemedicine healthcare app that makes appointment booking, scheduling, and video calling simpler, with a click of a button. The doctors can register themselves and mention their areas of specialization, qualifications, experience, preferred timing for check-up and the patients can book the appointments.

Telemedicine and Remote Healthcare

Careclix mobile and web represents an opportunity to improve the level of care patients by monitoring electronic health record data to optimize technology-enabled solutions. The webrtc feature embodied in it facilitates seamless video calling with audio and video conferencing features, enabling secondary camera to share any physical impairment, and other included features such as screen sharing, and whiteboards with the patient on a remote location.

Transforming The Level Of Health & Wellness

Careclix is a user-friendly application that facilitates the adoption of telemedicine by doctors and overcome the barriers that will likely encounter challenges when leveraging aforementioned thereby, improvising the potential of patient telehealth services.