Codiant Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the combination of individuals blending their different skills and experience to build products and services of your choice. Some are putting their technical expertise. The other group is busy getting you the desired heights of business. We also have a team involved in Research and Development to avail you 'the consultation'. There are designers with focused minds to erect you as a brand. We forecast the future with our system analysts and many more. And here we present the pillars of the company.


CEO & FOUNDER, +13092780633

Being the Director of the company, it was his brainchild to build the company as one of the best choices of offshore software development companies in India. Vikrant personifies Codiant’s commitment to its reputation for long term customer’s partnerships and oversees business development, Company's expansion and global tie-ups.


COO & Manager

Rashmi Jain as Chief Operating Officer has overall strategic & operational responsibility for the entire portfolio of the company’s offerings. She oversees the key functions of business enablement, global sales & delivery and its effectiveness.


VP Business Development

Dilip Malave is a Tech start-up Entrepreneur with 12 years of in-the-trenches experience as an Engineer & 5 years as Senior Project Manager. He has expertise in analyzing business requirements, and creating business process in a variety of work environments.