posted on: 11 Aug 2017

Five Easiest Ways to Protect Your Mobile App Idea from Being Copied

Guarding your multimillion dollar app idea against being nicked is something every Appreneur must know. When your mobile app idea rolls on the table and minds of varied no. of people, there is a tad probability of being ripped off. But that not all means you’ve to close the gates of mobile app validation.

Being paranoid about protecting your app idea and isolating it till you start the mobile app development is actually something that will likely get you nowhere.

Meaning, validating your mobile app idea from real audience before getting it developed do make sense. Granted, the audience is your target user, who can perceive the vitality of key existence of your app.

After all, may be possible this idea worth a gazillion of dollars in your head but in reality, people may find it simply mundane, mediocre or trivial.

And don’t worry about your idea getting stolen at this stage.

And here’s how you get a better perspective to shield your mobile app idea:


To ensure that all the information you share is confidential between you and your developers, NDA is a great move. It guards your idea against being reused or shared by those involved with your project.

Whether its consultants, outsourced contractors, associates, potential investors or clients, an NDA offers protection.


A non-compete agreement protects your app idea from the people who are likely to share it with another rival company. It refrains the contracted mobile app development company working on your project from working on any other app project that directly competes to that of yours.


You can’t copyright an idea, but yes, the UI and the code elements of your mobile app can be copyrighted but this is also viable if someone copies the entire app with no variation to the original.


Trademarking helps you restrict competitors from using logos, symbols, icons, and words associated with your app or service.

Apart from trademarking icons, logos and symbols you can also trademark the name for all features and services which your mobile app provides.

This goes a long way in restricting your competitor companies from taking the same route.


Patenting is a strong form of intellectual property protection and the only way to protect it in pure form which not only covers the functionality of your app and protects it from getting nicked and getting independently developed but also guards against rivals’ developing the variations of your app.

Given, your functionalities are new and non-obvious.


Great execution keeps more weight than just feeding a raw idea in the mind. So, don’t lose your sleep thinking the idea would get stolen if leaked in the air. Just follow the above steps and you’ll be good to go.

And still, if you’ve any doubt and questions with solid legal guarantees, the Codiant team would be happy to help!

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